Calligraphed Wedding Vows

They might just be the most important words you ever say to each other. To  turn those heartfelt sentiments into heirlooms, have a calligrapher write them  on monogrammed paper. Read them during the ceremony, then display them at home.  On this page, Flourished Spencerian script by Michael Sull of the Lettering Design  Group is finished with an offhand flourish (calligrapher-speak for an ink  drawing) of a bird. The stationery is by Cartier

couples often ask me after their ceremony for a copy of their vows- even if they only say the very traditional ” Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband to have to hold to love to cherish…” Either way, if it’s personalized or traditional, having keepsake vows is a beautiful way to recall the specialness of your loving connection.