Carnival inspired balloon escort “cards”

materials: project cost:
Balloons $20 for 100 escort cards
Sticker numbers
White Paint Pen
Staple Gun
Foam Core Board

Jillian recreated this creative Anthropologie window as a fun DIY escort card display.


Step 1: Purchase balloons (colors of your choice), sticker numbers, white paint pen, board or other surface to adhere your balloons.

Step 2: Blow-up balloons and align on surface. Once in place use your staple gun or you could nail in by the tip of balloon to your board.


Step 3: Now just write your names and then adhere numbers to balloons carefully so they don’t pop.

It’s a simple project (one that could easily be done with your girlfriends the morning of the wedding), but adds such a fun bit of whimsy to your wedding decor. You could do this project with less expected colors too; especially if you’re not going for the vintage country fair or Coney Island vibe. We can totally see a board full of pretty neutrals working beautifully.