A friend of mine was getting married and I knew I wanted to give her something white, lacy and fancy.

No, not a ruffly dress. (Is it just me or does this dress remind you of those coffee filter lamp shades? Just sayin…) 

Not a multiple tier rose cake, either. (Gotta love the lilliputian fountain.) 

I knew I had to make something (or alter something) with my own two slightly calloused hands. I found this 18 x 20 inch mirror at Goodwill for just a few dollars and snatched it up. It was in great condition but needed a little something special. 

The first thing I did was prime and spray paint the frame with Heirloom White by Rustoleum. 

I then used two coats of chalkboard spray paint on the glass mirror and let it dry 24 hours. (Yes, I timed it!)
Then I sanded the frame to distress it a bit. FYI: It would be better to distress the frame BEFORE using the chalkboard paint so you don’t accidentally sand off some of the chalkboard part and get really irritated with yourself. (Not that I did that or anything…) 

So here is the before. 

And here is the after! (It turned out a lot better than this washed out photo shows.)
Happy Marriage Eryn and Oscar!

(photo credits: weddingshots)