reception activities for childrenChildren at your wedding…cries, shouts or funny comments

activites for children at weddings
activites for children at weddings
children at weddings
Children at Weddings
Find out our advices on how to keep little ones busy during your wedding day.

You’re by the altar, just about to say the long waited for “I do”… when incredible scream or funny comment destroys the atmosphere. Well, things like this can happen if on your wedding guests list are families with babies. Of course you are concerned about your guests, it might happen that for example your sister or a cousin happens to have little babies, which shall come to your wedding. You don’t want to offend anyone, but still your big day should be just as you dreamed about.
Don’t worry, there are solutions for everything, it only depends on you and your budget. In case you can afford it is always a good idea to hire a professional babysitter and entertainment, but if those do not enter into your wedding expense you might try to involve some of your wedding guests. Maybe you have a teenage niece or a cousin who happens to love children? Well, ask her or them to give you a hand!

The ceremony

Oh yes, this is the part which could be really hard. After all it is difficult for children to sit still and quiet, listening  and not understanding anything. But there are some simple ideas to keep our little ones out of troubles. The best way is to get them involved in the ceremony. I mean, is there anything cutter than little lovely flower girls, or tiny, smiling ring bearer? If you don’t trust completely their good manners ask maybe one of your bridesmaids or eventually teenage guest (they can be so useful sometimes!) to give them a little assistance. Of course, you cannot get all children to take part in your rite to keep occupied other ones make someone hand out just before the ceremony little bags containing some candies, a toy, some crayons and a little coloring book.
After the rite give them some bubbles to blow while you have your photos taken, children will really love that! And don’t forget to let them know that you noticed their good behavior and you’re proud of them.

The reception
During the reception there wouldn’t be many troubles with small fry, but still if you want them to keep out of sight and trouble you might organize some activities for them. One of best activities is a craft table, where they can give away with their energy by painting, modeling with play dough or making origami figures. Ask someone to have a look on the craft table. Another great idea might be a hiring an inflatable castle where all craziest fun can be done without disturbing no one.
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