Sticky Situations:

Children at your wedding reception:

Decide Early

Unlike decisions about menus or music, those related to children should be handled quickly to avoid awkward questions from parents who need to make plans.

First, do not leave unattended children at the wedding. That means using the services of a babysitter or of a company that deals with the organization of parties for children. If you opt for a specialized company, be sure they have enough experience and that the staff is well trained and able to deal with children of different ages. For example,  “New York City Nanny Finder” agency is a company that can help you find the proper nanny for the kids at your wedding reception. Each nanny from the database has a detailed resume and a video interview, so you could make a first impression after visualizing them. Then, you should discuss other details with her.

2. Second: entertain them. This is a job for the person/company that supervises them. An animator or two, dressed in clowns or in story characters will stir their attention and surely make them tired. They will involve the children in specific games, dancing, fun activities (painting, singing and modeling) and possibly face painting. You also need an special area to be reserved for them: either a room or, if you have organized an outdoor wedding, a garden corner.

3. Thirdly, feed them properly. That means feeding them as children.  They will not eat as much, nor as elegant as their parents.  For example, from 11 to 12 years they can eat a whole menu, but if they are little kids, there is no need for you to order as much. More than that, do not feed  them at late hours of the night. They have a lunch program and adapted to their constant growing. You should neither expect for them to have the patience of an adult  when it comes to waiting for the dishes to come in order and on time. A child, the smaller he is, the more agitated  he becomes when he is hungry. Not to mention the fact that at 1 a.m., most children are already in bed.

If you want to have the kids properly fed at the wedding reception, you could opt for the services of “Culinary Architect” in New  York.  They do wedding catering and, very important to be mentioned is the fact that they are specialized in  organizing “The Kidie Table”, with kid friendly food or even with food for babies.

4. Your children at the wedding. Either they are yours, your sister’s or “belonging” to your godparents, you can get them involved in organizing the event. They will feel valued, consulted and you this will keep them occupied. Here are some nice “tasks” for children:

– The girl with the flowers: she walks towards the couple before the altar, sprinkling petals. On the other hand, if she is younger, she can walk behind the bride, holding her dress trail.