Image by Mark Davidson

10 Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

1. Decide what your budget is. A creative florist can work around your budget and should have your best interest in mind.

2. Think about 2 or 3 colors you love. Maybe you think they cannot be used together but share them with your florist. They may very well find a way to use them to compliment each other.

3. Think on a style. Have you always dreamed of a sophisticated wedding? A country wedding? A classic wedding? A festive wedding? Or some combination of those things. Put them in order of most important.

4. Do you have a theme in mind? Is the idea of a princess wedding appealing to you? What about a nature theme with butterflies and natural branches? Or a Zen or Asian feel?

5. Is there a flower that you cannot live without in your wedding? Does that need to be in the boutonniere, bride’s bouquet, the bridesmaid’s bouquets or centerpieces?

6. Look up bouquet styles on the web: Cascade, Hand Tied, Arm Bouquet, Single Stem.

7. Bring some photos of styles of wedding flowers you have seen and love to your floral consultation.

8. Remember that magazines and web articles often show very expensive flowers in simple designs. Your florist should be able to show you how to get a similar look and feel for much better value.

9. Remember that your florist works for you. They should be available, helpful and honest about what she can and cannot do within your budget.

10. Stick to your guns! Don’t allow any wedding vendor to push you into contracting for things you really cannot afford or will be in debt for later. Remember this is only one day and starting your new life stress free is far more important than having that additional item you probably won’t even have time to notice at your ceremony or reception.

Expert advice by Simple Bouquets