–more than just a guest book in recent years guest books are becoming more than just a book with greetings and wishes by friends, just like wedding, it’s getting more personalized.  we found a few creative options to entertain your guests while giving you a precious keepsake to refresh your memory and relive that joyful day! wishing tree has been one of the most popular options where guests can write their wishes and hang them onto the tree. it also creates a stunning focal point at reception to wow the guests!

snapping instant photos and having a polaroid guestbook give a fun twist! how about adding some props to encourage your guests taking silly photos? you may find it surprising while your guests having tremendous fun taking photos and leaving wishes! guests get to “leave” their fingerprints for this thumbprint tree craft. pick up a few shades to make it a colorful art piece!  if this is too messy, consider using different paper shapes instead and let your guests to sign and create unique art work for your big day! how about getting your engagement picture made into a puzzle, and have your guests to sign the pieces? they will be a nice part of home décor, either stored in a glass jar or hung on the wall. here is something for the jenga lovers! it will be a nice reminder of the wedding day when you play the game and see all the names and notes on the blocks. go mad with mad libs. unleash your guests creativity by encouraging them to fill in the blanks to make a hilarious story. bind all the sheets together to form a book and enjoy reading all the funny messages!

his unconventional guest book is something ‘hot’! have your guests to etch their names and wishes on a pewter tray. have it featured in your living room after to relive the blissful moments. information sourced from: http://dev.ceremoniesdevie.com