This is the Transcript of the #WeddingMarket Chat on July 15, 2015 with Michelle Smits from Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons. The answers were made on Twitter so responses will appear different.
Have your cake- and eat it too! We here at Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings know that a wedding cake is probably the most significant confection you’ll ever eat (and buy)- so why not turn it into a living piece of art? With wedding cake animation that scrolls over icing like a mini movie, Disney desserts can now be transformed with fully customizable image mapping projection technology. Whether you want to showcase a photo slideshow, home video or your favorite quote fondant is refashioned into an enchanted animated canvas that is sure to impress. Your guests will be amazed as your cake quickly becomes reception entertainment- trust me, they’ve never seen a wedding cake projection quite like this!

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Q1: How does @DisneyWeddings create and stay ahead of wedding trends?

Michelle Smits: As a world-renowned entertainment company, we make it our mission to anticipate & exceed the expectations of our guests.


Q2: How many wedding planners work for @DisneyWeddings?

Michelle Smits: We have dedicated wedding experts at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Aulani, Hong Kong and aboard Disney Cruise Line.


Q3: How can someone apply to work for @DisneyWeddings?

Michelle Smits: Great question! We post all of our career opportunities here:


Q4: Do you offer theme weddings or is every wedding customized?

Michelle Smits: Making wedding dreams come true if what we do- so whatever a couple’s desire, we strive to make it come to life.


Q5: What were some of the most memorable @DisneyWeddings ?

Michelle Smits: Events at Epcot- so romantic to “travel” to Morocco without leaving the country! We also love events that take place in Italy or France at Epcot as well. Oh so magical!











Q6: Can you tell us a little bit about the interactive Wedding Cake?

Michelle Smits: Cake mapping allows for couples to make their wedding cake come to life- and become a focal point of the reception.

Disney Cake0008x.jpg




















Q7: How many different cake animations are available?

Michelle Smits: We allow couples to customize the cake mapping animations with their favorite photos, quotes or Disney story. are available? If you haven’t seen our amazing cake mapping just yet, here’s a video:


Q8: Are the cakes only available for weddings at @DisneyWeddings ?

Michelle Smits: Yes! This is an exclusive offering for Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings couples.


@a_jayneex  Does this apply to every destination EG: Florida, California, Hawaii & cruises or is it limited to one?

Michelle Smits: It’s currently available at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.


@WeDesignWedding Are there some one-of-a-kind favors to choose from?

Michelle Smits: We’ve got more flavor combos than you can imagine!



Q9: Are you able to video stream weddings for guests that are not able to attend the wedding?

Michelle Smits: Absolutely! Being a destination, we can definitely live stream wedding events for family and friends that can’t travel.


Q10: How do you setup a video stream for a couple?

Michelle Smits: We actually have the ability to leverage live streaming cameras at our crown jewel, Disney’s Wedding Pavilion.



Q11: How do you customize entertainment and Disney characters for weddings?

Michelle Smits: We love adding confetti cannons, fireworks or even dreaming up a custom character for our couples. My favorite entertainment element is Cinderella’s Crystal Coach- magical!











Q12: How do you use social media on a weekly basis?

Michelle Smits: We use social media daily to engage with guests, share inspiration and give couples a place to connect.


Q13: How often do you blog and what types of posts do you create?

Michelle Smits: We try to post on Ever After at least 3-5 times per week and share tips, trends and stories from real Disney couples. Here’s a link to our blog- it’s Wedding Cake Wednesday on Ever After!

@FrillsBridal I wish I could post that often! What type of post typically gets the most traction for you?

Michelle Smits: We never miss Wedding Cake Wednesday- it’s the most delicious day of the week!


Q14: What new bridal gowns might we see at Bridal Fashion Week in October?

Michelle Smits: Our 2016 collection is extra special- I can’t give away the theme, but definitely stay tuned!



Q15: Are there any new things coming up with @DisneyWeddings ?

Michelle Smits: We’re always searching for new, innovative ways to surprise and delight our couples- 2016 will be no exception!


Q16: What would you like everyone to take away from this #weddingmarket chat?

Michelle Smits: Stay true to you, have a ball and make your event truly your own- because love is a beautiful thing. True love is the most powerful magic.



#WeddingMarket Questions From Twitter:


‏@FrillsBridal Are most brides who contact you going for that classic, princess style of wedding?


Michelle Smits: We get all types of brides and families. “Princess” means something different to everyone!


@Cloudweddings What is the most popular tech trend for weddings at the moment?

Michelle Smits: We sure do! We offer a one-stop-shop planning experience for our couples.
@Sweetestevents_ Do you get a lot of brides contacting you about “Vow Renewals”?

Michelle Smits: Absolutely! We love a good vow renewal- there’s something so special about recommitting yourselves to one another.


@WeDesignWedding  How far in advance are brides advised to contact you to start planning? 

Michelle Smits: Great question! It depends on the Collection, but beginning at 16 months out.


@bridalbalance  Do you have any pictures as an example of cake mapping?

Michelle Smits: Even better, we’ve got a video for you:



@DreamyWeddingSK Do you get a lot of vow renewals request?

Michelle Smits: Of course!


@BridalBalance  What is included in a Disney wedding or event?

Michelle Smits: We’re a one stop shop- everything from floral and decor to entertainment and photography.


@EventPassion What platform do you use the most?

Michelle Smits: We use each platform for a different purpose. We’re definitely loving Instagram right now!