Don’t Get Married on These Days!

These are some of the worst times of the year to plan your nuptials. (expert advice)

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As you stare at a blank calendar with an array of choices for picking a wedding date in front of you, settling on an accommodating time of the year may prove harder than at first glance. Besides taking into account the travel plans, hotel reservations, plane tickets, and securing a patient babysitter that family and friends must attend to, you have to keep in mind those dreadful wedding date disasters that can threaten the attendance of your guest list.

When picking a wedding date, consider the following worst times of the year to plan your nuptials:

Beware of Superstitions

When picking a wedding date, you don’t want to start off your matrimonial bliss with a dark cloud hanging over the event. There are still some people who take superstitious-centered dates to heart. For example, let’s take Friday the 13th – the most common historical day of doom. Many couples will avoid picking a wedding date on a weekend that sees the fateful number 13. Another superstitious day to consider is the lesser-known Ides of March…if only Caesar took heed to this date, as it was successfully predicted that he would meet his end on the 15th of March.

Daylight Savings Day

Without fail, there is at least one clock you’ve forgotten to change when Daylight Savings rolls around. Why risk guests arriving an hour early or quite late by picking a wedding date that falls on Daylight Savings Day?

September 11th

This particular date seems forever etched in the mind of Americans as a day of mourning, reflection, and loss…not the most opportune moment for a fairytale wedding. Besides, picking a wedding date that translates into 9-11 is pretty creepy in itself.

April Fool’s Day (April 1st)

Picking a wedding date on a day that falls on an observance centered on jokes, pranks, and laughter is usually not the most romantic choice for couples-to-be.

Major Holidays

While it seems like a romantic thought to bring in the New Year as a married pair or take full advantage of the holiday spirit of Christmas, picking a wedding date between the 23th of December and the 5th of January jeopardizes the number of guests able to share your special moment. Other inconvenient holiday wedding dates include Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day weekend, and the 4th of July.

Sporting Events

Don’t underestimate the power of a winning touchdown or sudden death playoff. It sounds funny at first, but become familiar with popular sporting events before picking a wedding date. There is nothing worse than noticing guests have skipped the reception or are secretly listening to ‘the game’ during your ceremony. If possible, avoid picking a wedding date on Superbowl weekend, during the World Series, in the midst of March Madness, and in some cases – the World Cup.