Fortune cookie love story

After a long day of work Aaron was walking to his car when he saw Samantha sitting alone on West Street. They exchanged a smile and hello before Aaron continued walking. He had a second thought though and backtracked, wanting to gain a friend. He introduced himself, left Samantha with his card and said, “Call me maybe?” After a week Samantha texted, “How are you?” and the rest is history!

After getting to know one another, Saturdays became a day of quality time. The couple spent their time catching up from the workweek with movies and Chinese food dinners. Aaron’s proposal creativity stemmed from this weekly ritual. It was a sweet gesture that gives insight into the thoughtfulness and passion that most men probably won’t admit to having.

Aaron planned a visit to ask Samantha’s father for her hand in marriage- from the very start he was on a mission!  Aaron proposed to Samantha by inserting what he hoped would be his good luck into a fortune cookie served with their regular Chinese food… “Will you marry me?”  Her response, a resounding “Yes!”

Make your own fortune cookie:

Step 1 – Write the custom fortune that you’ll be inserting into the fortune cookie.

Step 2 – Pick up a fortune cookie (or two, to be safe) at your local Chinese restaurant or grocery store.

Step 3 – Remove the cookie from the plastic wrapping.  Dampen a paper towel and wrap it around the cookie shell.

Step 4 – Microwave the cookie for approximately 30 seconds, depending on how powerful your microwave is. WARNING: The paper towel will be extremely hot once your remove it from the microwave.

Step 5 – Remove the fortune cookie from the damp towel. The shell will have softened in the microwave, allowing you to pry it open. Remove the original fortune and replace it with your custom fortune. With your custom fortune inside, gently close the shell back up.  After about 20 seconds, the shell will begin to harden and return it is original state.

Step 6 – Hand over the fortune cookie to the recipient and bask in the glory of their reaction!


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