Lace wedding boots and bridal shoes – House Of Ell

House of Elliot’s collection of lace wedding boots

If you want some serious mood-boosting shoes for your wedding day and you fancy feeling like a foxy-lady, then lace wedding boots are your calling! Truly, is there a more sexy addition to your toes that you could add? (Sorry Jimmy, just heels won’t cut it this time). Let’s face it, shoes make the outfit and if you’re not wanting to funk up your dress with converse, or uniquely challenge what people think by donning a pair of Doc’s, then go sexy and tantalise your Hubby2Be with lace up boots. And these are just gorgeous!

So what is it that makes us girls feel so damn hot when we put on a pair of Loubouton’s or Jimmy Choo’s anyway?! Do you know? If I could bottle that feeling I think I’d be a millionaire by now but lace boots and knee highs are the epitome of sex on legs, no matter what your size or shape; tall, lacey boots make legs look irresistible!

House of Elliot’s collection of lace wedding boots are made to drool over! Some of you with a keen eye for these kinds of shoes would have noticed them in the world’s best Steampunk wedding ever over in our launch issue of ‘Alice’ the wedding Magazine last week. Well, these were made by House of Elliott themselves and are being sold all over the world. That particular pair were sold by Gallery Serpentine, the frabtastic alternative Bridal dress and corsetry company in Sydney who now stock House Of Elliott in Sydney, Australia, and they just so happen to supply the stunning wedding Steampunk ensemble in that wedding.