We’ve got an expert in residence with us today friends – a photography expert.  Maya Myers (of Maya Myers Photography) has been shooting weddings for over a decade (since her formal photography education). Together, all that experience has taught her that one part of the big day is one place no bride or groom should skimp on – the getting ready photos!  But why?  Maya shares with us her insights and tips to getting them just right.

MM: All of the excitement and nerves are fresh just before your wedding and capturing those ‘little moments’ of anticipation, mom’s adoring glances, a best friend’s hug, or even the expression on faces will remind them of exactly how they felt that morning. It’s one of my favorite elements of a wedding day to photograph.

BB: Suggestions to ensure these photos are spectacular?

MM: If you’re getting ready in a hotel, request a room or suite with great window light. Or if you’re in a home, use a room where you can keep the curtains open. Natural lighting not only is more beautiful for photographs, it helps keep the photographer experience unobtrusive because we don’t have to light the room with our flashes. Space is great to have as well, welcoming your wedding day morning with ease and as little clutter as possible make for beautiful photographs!

BB: How does the getting ready time impact the rest of the event?

MM: The ‘getting ready’ time of the day sets a tone for the rest of day. For me it’s a great time to capture the little moments of anticipation and excitement and it helps put the couple at ease by allowing me to mesh into the scene unobtrusively so that when the wedding begins they can concentrate more on experiencing their wedding day.

BB: When hiring a photographer and planning the schedule, what should couples look out for in packages or pricing to ensure they get these images?

MM: Photographers have various reasons for limiting hours in their packages. The most important is to make sure that the hours they’re offering work with the flow you envision for your day. The last thing you want to do is rush through your day. Going into your consultation having a preliminary timeline in mind is helpful on deciding how many hours of coverage you need. If having your wedding day documented from your getting ready moments until your last dance is important at the minimum you should look for 8+ hours. Make sure added hours don’t stretch your budget too thin and find someone who understands the value of your experience as much as the value of their time. All of my packages start at 10 hours of coverage because the last thing I’d want is for my clients to rush through any of their wedding day experiences.

BB:  What if you’re camera shy or not very comfortable getting dressed in front of lots of people?

Los Angeles Wedding Photography Expert Q&A

MM: Finding a photographer you’re comfortable with is key.  If you’re modest and really feel uncomfortable dressing in front of the camera ask your photographer to come into the room when you’re half way dressed. I always speak to my clients about this before their wedding day, ensuring both that I will be framing my shots in only the most flattering ways but also that I am there to provide them with images that they want. If they don’t want photographs showing their bodies then I respect that. Another thing I remind them is that the shots that I do include of them getting ready that might show a curve or two do not end up in their collection and gallery of images. Those are provided separately so that you can decide if and who you want to share them with (they make great boudoir gifts too!!).

All Photos by Maya Myers

Thanks Maya for sharing your tips for great getting ready photos!

Los Angeles Wedding Photography Expert Q&A