hat are the most asked questions of Wedding Planners? Here’s a list for Dallas wedding planner Kay Watson.
  1. How do I determine what my wedding budget will be?

    There are two ways to go about this. One way is to do research in the area as to what a wedding could cost using the ideas you have in mind for your wedding. The other way would be to get an idea of what you family is willing to spend on your wedding and who else might be contributing to the expense such as yourself, your fiancé and his family.The wedding is broken into several different categories- your wedding vendors (ceremony and reception site, photographer/videographer, wedding attire, florist, cakes, caterer, calligrapher, jewelry, bridal accessories, bridesmaids dresses, bridal consultant, wedding invitations and paper items, tuxedo rental, limousines- transportation, hair/make up artists, guest’s accommodations) menu selection, alcohol and guest numbers.  Taking each of the categories, you then gather information as to what each might cost, keeping in mind the reception will be around 50% of the total budget, with the florist and photographer being the next larger items in the expense.  It’s important to decide which of the areas of the wedding are most important to you.

How do I choose my vendors that go with my style, taste and budget?

Once you have an idea of what you might spend in each wedding category, then locate the resources available in the town through local bridal magazines, and bridal web sites for the area. Try to visit annual bridal shows and networking with other brides and vendors as to who they would recommend. I suggest that my brides contact and visit at least three vendors in the wedding categories, to learn about their taste, get an idea of their prices and also make sure they can fulfill your expectations. I advice each of my brides that it is important to choose each vendor carefully, as you want to know they are listening to your wishes, will be flexible and follow through with the plans. You must feel confidant with them and know they will provide exactly what you want for your wedding day.

  1. My parents are divorced, have remarried, therefore how to I deal with all this extended family?This is your day and you don’t want to worry about sensitive family situations. You and your fiance` need to decide from the beginning what your wishes are for the day and let family members know early their placement in the wedding. Request that they put their feelings aside for your day, to make it all come together. The wedding week is not the time to tell someone they are not in invited to sit in the family pew. Family dynamics can be tricky when trying to place each relative in a special seat at the rehearsal dinner, wedding day luncheons, ceremony and reception seating. So carefully make your decisions early and stick with them- communicate so there are no surprises with hurt feeling for years after for your wonderful day.
  2. How do we select a wedding date?There are several variables to consider when selecting the right date for you, your fiancé and family. If work or school dictates your schedule, first find a few dates that would be work for you and your fiancé. Then extend those dates to your parents, siblings, then to the immediate wedding party. The location also has a lot to do with this, as you need to see if the ceremony, the officiate and reception site are even available for the first set of dates. If so, you check out what local activities are taking place in the town those weekends- allowing you to have hotels and bed/breakfast accommodations for your guest, transportation available and local dining sites. Once all the information is gathered, then you will be able to move forward with choosing the best date that works for you and the most important people involved.
  3. We can’t decide between a Disc Jockey or Live Band, how do we make the right choice?Looking at your wedding budget, check to see if what you’ve alloted for reception music allows you the choice between DJ or band. If that area does not dictate your choice, then you would want to look at your wedding guests list and see what type of music would create the best atmosphere for your reception. Keep in mind a Disc Jockey will be able to play most of your choices, since they rely on C.D.s, where you would choose a band for the type of music they can play- hoping it has a wide range of choice for all ages of your guest.
  4. What are the latest trends?
    1. “Out is In”- from simple to spectacular, brides are taking their weddings outside to enjoy the splendors of nature, whether an intimate and elegant garden party to a lavish estate garden.
    2. “Grand Ballrooms are Back” Brides are opting for big, lavish celebrations, often including large live bands or orchestras. Music ranging from the 40’s to Blues, up to music of today
    3. “Food” Many brides are selecting more varied menus rather than chicken breast and prime rib (although always nice). The trend is leaning now to make way for elegant seated – three course dinners with each guests being seated at banquet style tables. Evenings fit for “knight” and his lady. Stylishly prepared fish and game, grilled meats and elegant presentation are the choice du jour.
    4. “Bars Everywhere” Not only beverages bars such as martini and cosmopolitan bars, but chef attended sushi bars, dessert bars, chocolate bars and coffee bars serving specialty liquors for the late night guests
  5. What are some tips on saving money when planning a wedding?
  • Keep the wedding guest list under 100
  • Time: Morning or early afternoon wedding- does not need a lot of alcohol, food or dance band
  • Location-consider having the ceremony and reception at the same site- therefore paying one site fee-also few hours for the event
  • Keep wedding party small- cutting down on cost of attendant bouquets and gift to each member in the wedding party
  • Wedding attire- give yourself a limit you can spend and shop at stores that allow you to stay within that amount
  • Limit wedding party-for each additional attendant you will need a flowers and thank you gift
  • Select Wedding Vendors carefully-information during the initial vendor meetings can be overwhelming- take the information home &  review.  Try to make decisions without pressure- according to your wishes and budget, not your emotions.
  • Set up your own wedding checking account- setting aside a certain amount to place in it each month. Using only that amount for the wedding allows you to actually see what you are spending, and a great way to stay on top of your expense and deposits to each vendor.
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