it’s a Party: All-Nighter Weddings

Remember when all-nighters used to mean rapidly consuming Red Bulls and frantically writing your midterm paper at 3 a.m.? Yeah, we’ve all had at least one of those during our college careers. But you’re a bride now! Those kinds of all-nighters are no more (hopefully). So take a deep breath, forget the anxiety-ridden nights of your past, and leave them to all the 20-somethings of the world. We’re here to talk about an entirely different kind of all-nighter: an all-nighter wedding.

Weddings have given new meaning to the term ‘all-nighter,’ one that is likely to induce far less fear and, instead, convey excitement and fun. Yes, fun! You’re hearing it from us first–all-nighters CAN be fun!

All-nighter weddings are ideal for party-loving couples who never want to see an end to their special day. In the words of Miley Cyrus, these weddings “can’t stop, won’t stop.” They literally go all night. Once the official reception ends, family and friends who want to dance the night away often move to another room, or even a different venue, for more late-night festivities with food, fun, dance, and drinks.


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If an all-nighter wedding sounds appealing to you, scroll below for some helpful tips so that your after party goes off without a hitch:

1. Choose a Style: After parties come in a variety of styles, but they typically follow three distinct patterns. The first is the after party that occurs spontaneously when guests agree to meet at a bar or alternative venue and pay their own way. The second is the after party in which the bride and groom rent out their own private room in a bar or restaurant, with or without an open tab. The third is the after party is an organized celebration mimicking the reception, sometimes with a DJ, catered food, drinks, a sundae bar, pool tables, dancing, etc.). The differences tend to come down to cost and spontaneity, so if you’re planning to throw an all-nighter wedding have an idea in mind prior to the big day.

2. Switch up the Decor: The after party is different from the reception, and typically more laid back. Choose a theme that’s different from the actual wedding that matches your personalities and the personalities of your guests.

3. Feeding the Masses: No all-nighter is complete without snacks, and after hours of dancing and socializing, your guests are bound to be hungry once more. Choose something simple and laid back, like a sushi or sundae bar. As for an open bar, that’s up to you and your budget!

4. Dress for Comfort: You’ve already wowed your guests in your wedding dress, so now it’s time to wear something fun, but comfortable and less cumbersome. In addition, let your guests know ahead of time if there’s a dress code so they can plan accordingly. Another fun idea is to match your attire to your theme (think Hawaiian luau). Some couples also opt to provide a pair of flip flops for guests to change in to at the end of the night to allow maximum dancing abilities.






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