Romantic Wedding Ideas We Love: Floral Chandeliers for the Reception


You’d think that after nearly four years blogging about weddings, I’d have a pretty good idea of what I want for my own I Do’s. Surprise!! I don’t. And I’m struggling with the choice between a city wedding and country wedding.

Downtown Chicago venues have so much to offer, but my fiancĂ©’s hometown, Barrington Hills, is bursting with natural beauty, and is a tranquil piece of paradise just 25 miles outside of the city. It provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic outdoor wedding, and would allow me to really get creative with our flowers and decor. Because, unlike the opulent and ornate museums, mansions and hotels of downtown Chicago, Barrington Hills offers the blank, beautiful canvas of mother nature! And nothing dresses up a natural outdoor setting like flowers!

So as I begin to envision what our country wedding could look like, I’ve got dreamy wedding flowers (like garden roses, peonies, Queen Anne’s lace, gardenias) on my mind! I’m picturing a birch wood arbor covered in blooms, and elegant linen tents hung with sparkling chandeliers. Chandeliers, made even more spectacular, with romantic flowers intertwined throughout.

Just check out the photos above and below… are you swooning hard over these blooming chandeliers?!

Rustic Barn Wedding Floral Chandelier