Every couple wants everything… …to be perfect for their wedding. From the rehearsal dinner to the ceremony to the photos to the reception and beyond, a wedding is supposed to be about making memories, not solving problems and putting out fires. Because of the high expectations, it doesn’t take much to turn this most-special event into a problem-filled “disaster.” By taking a few moments to plan for the worst case scenario, would-be newlyweds can avoid, or at least limit, the damage from whatever issues come up and can focus on enjoying a stress-free wedding experience. It is very difficult to plan for unforeseen illness or a last minute injury, but some pitfalls can be handled easily if there is a plan in place to deal with them. Here are some common wedding-wreckers and some simple ideas for dealing with them quickly.

Account for the weather No matter what the forecast calls for. Any wedding planner or wedding host venue worth their price will have a Plan B for inclement weather that occurs during outdoor ceremonies and receptions. But it’s up to those involved with the wedding, namely the bridge and groom, to make sure that they aren’t sacrificing anything if the unthinkable happens and an outdoor weddings is forced to move inside.

Have you ever been to a reception that didn’t have music? Having a back-up plan for music is crucial. Maybe the band doesn’t show up or isn’t performing as well as expected. Rather than stopping the music, the guests can keep on groovin’ as long as someone has a back-up plan and the information required to implement it. Solving musical woes could be as simple as bringing an iPod loaded with appropriate music. As long as there is someone who knows how to connect the device to the sound system, the dancing won’t have to stop. It’s an easy fix for what could be a reception-wrecking problem.

Unexpected Stains Wine, make-up, mud from a pre-wedding photo shoot in a garden, or any number of other things could leave an expensive wedding dress looking less than perfect. While no universal cure for staining exists, the dress-maker or your local dry cleaner can give some insight into how to remove stains on the fly without the aid of a laundry room. The problem is that different materials require different stain-removal techniques. Knowing what works with the bride’s particular dress is imperative to successful stain removal. For some materials, it could be as easy as using over-the-counter stain-removing wipes or applying chalk or baby power to temporarily cover up the stain. Extra make-up and make-up remover can be extremely useful, especially for summer weddings, when the combination of stress, excitement, and heat can cause clamminess and sweating. For the groom, an extra shirt is all that is really necessary, but the bride’s make-up and hairdo can really suffer from a bit of perspiration.

As with all the other problems mentioned above, simply being well-prepared can make for an easy fix. Heat-induced hair frizz can be taken care of with an application of anti-frizz hairspray, while make-up can be easily re-applied if the proper tools are at hand. The make-up and hairspray bag can even include an adhesive roller for removing any hair or excessive dust that finds it way onto the wedding grown, and even things like a needle and appropriately-colored thread for repairing any tears or loose buttons.


Hire a Professional Wedding Planner Dealing with vendors and service people can often be the biggest headache of a wedding. Some people simply hire wedding planners to be the intermediary between themselves and all the vendors. It is best to know the vendors via a personal recommendation or at least to do the research and face-to-face meeting so that you know exactly what you are getting on your special day.  And that is the bottom line of all these extra preparations: being prepared for any potential pitfalls can alleviate stress and help the happy couple focus on making memories during their wedding.