When a bride picks her bridesmaids, she turns to the friends and family members who have been there through good times and bad. Sometimes, though, the bridesmaids are actually responsible for the bad times. We asked brides on TheKnot.com to share their stories of bridesmaids behaving badly.

“I went wedding dress shopping with a couple of bridesmaids and had an 11 a.m. appointment at a bridal salon. One of my bridesmaids had been drinking at a christening before our appointment and showed up totally wasted. She was loud, slurring, and grabbing different wedding dresses off the racks. The sales people kept asking her to sit down, but she wouldn’t listen. She finally said that she could tell that she wasn’t wanted there and left. As she was driving out of the parking lot, she hit the sales person’s car and drove away. They took down her tag number and called the police, who came to the scene and interviewed me as part of their investigation. My bridesmaid then called me that afternoon and screamed at me, accusing me of calling the cops on her. She did not recall hitting a car or behaving the way she did. Needless to say, she is no longer a bridesmaid.”

“My bridesmaid called my husband the day before the wedding to inform him that she would be wearing the bridesmaid dress for the ceremony, but was going to change to a ‘sexier’ dress for the reception. My husband freaked.”

“I was in a wedding where one of the other bridesmaids was asked to give the band a CD for the couple’s first dance. Well, they played the wrong track — same song, different version. The couple didn’t even notice, but the bridesmaid was furious. She raged loudly against the band during the dance and yelled at the bandleader after. When I tried to calm her down by telling her that the couple didn’t even notice, she yelled, ‘But I did, and this is about me!'”

“My brother’s fiance asked her older sister (who was five months pregnant) to be her matron of honor. However, the pregnant sister didn’t like sharing the limelight with anyone — even at her own sister’s wedding! While we were taking pictures before the ceremony, the pregnant sister turned around to ask the groomsman standing behind her that ‘if she fainted, would he be able to catch her?’ Miraculously, not even two minutes later, the sister ‘fainted.’ Many people rushed to aid her as she sat in the chair, was fanned, and smiled at everyone.”

“When I told my bridesmaid that the wedding date was in November, she said that was stupid and that I should have it in the summer. Then when I chose gold for the bridesmaid dresses she said she wouldn’t wear it because it would make her skin look pasty. She went so far as to call all the other girls to convince them to tell me no!”

“All the bridesmaids gathered together to plan the bridal shower, and we were each throwing out ideas. For favors, I wanted to donate to a cancer association in honor of my grandparents. My maid of honor was so against the idea that she argued with everyone at the table until she began crying. It was ridiculous to say the least.”

“My friend (I’ll call her ‘Sue’) flew out to be in our wedding, and she and another one of my bridesmaids stayed at our apartment that weekend. We all went out with the other girls for the bachelorette party, but afterwards Sue had some other friends in town and wanted to see them, and the other bridesmaid tagged along. So I gave them my keys, told them to be careful, and went to bed. I woke up early and noticed they weren’t back yet, so I sent Sue a text. No reply. By this time it was getting pretty late in the morning, and I was worried. Word spread and soon my whole family knew two of my bridesmaids were MIA! Finally, 12 hours since I last saw them, I got a text that read, ‘I’m okay. Sorry.’ It turns out Sue ditched my other bridesmaid for one of her guy friends, leaving her alone and without a phone — she had been lost in the city and trying to get in contact with me all morning.”