They say never work with animals or children, so the same might be said for a wedding…Agree or Disagree?

I am sure couples all over the world preparing for a ceremony have asked the question: Do we invite children? The crying over the top of vows, the unattended children getting into the Spumante….But what if you are a family with young children of your own, or a blended family? It is becoming more common than ever for couples to include their children in their ceremony, but not in a passive role. Vows can be recited by children, rings exchanged. More importantly, children love parties.

Simmone’s Story

Vintage funksters Simmone and Stellan

Simmone and Stellan recently wed after an already long relationship and two beautiful children. Not only was the wedding hand made heaven, with home made vintage touches throughout, but the children were integral to the ceremony. I asked Simmone a couple about how involving the children went for them.



They say never work with animals or children, so the same might be said for a wedding…Agree or Disagree?

“Hmmmm…having never worked with animals, but many times with children I would say disagree. Children are amazing, give them a role & simple instructions and they’re sure to surprise you. I think in a wedding situation kids take the pressure off making things too formal.”

How did having the children involved enhance the day?


“Our nieces, nephews and own children were really the catalyst for the type of wedding we had. A beautiful, family, homemade style affair. Having spent more than a decade with my partner (now husband) , and having a 2 & 4 year old we wanted to include them in the ceremony; recognise that they are an integral part of our commitment to each other. The children’s excitement & innocence added to the fairytale feel a wedding should have. We chose not to have bridesmaid & groomsmen but rather let our gorgeous clan of children lead the way for the bride. We were actually stunned that they did their job so well & stood quietly for the entire ceremony! Seriously we thought it would be mayhem, with two 2 year olds, two 4 year olds & a 7 year old anything could have happened!” Any tips for couples out there unsure of how include the children?

“Encourage your children to help with some wedding preparations, sticking stamps on invites, picking flower petals to throw at the bride & groom, anything that gives them a task & makes them feel involved and important. My daughter & I spent months making little bits and pieces for our wedding. Let the kids enjoy themselves, blow bubbles, throw petals, party….once the big day arrives it’s over before you know it. Dance with your kids!”

Happy planning and don’t forget the bubbles!