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By Shelly Seong

If you’re oblivious to the initial stages of searching for a potential reception site for your wedding, take a deep breath and start slowly by compiling a list of the most important factors. Instead of conjuring up an endless series of components, we decided to make your life easier by focusing on the top five questions to ask yourself when hunting for the right ceremony and reception venue.

Does it fit your budget?

With today’s economy, it’s important to find a venue to your liking without spending a fortune. The smart bride-to-be should figure out whether or not she wants to have the ceremony and reception at the same place. Just because a particular venue is beautiful, do not impulsively say yes without fully considering the rest of your budget for the wedding.

Is the venue big enough to fit all your guests?

Size does matter. You may have found that perfect little garden setting to exchange your “I do’s,” but will it fit three hundred of your guests? You don’t want them to stand around in the back do you? Furthermore, if you plan to have your reception at a different site, it is important that the two places have similar coordination and formalities. Also, be sensible and practical when considering the venue occupancy.

Is there an on-site coordinator to help you through the day?

Having an on-site coordinator can be very beneficial and cheaper than hiring a separate private planner. On-site coordinators can help with catering food, but be sure to taste the food before you make any kind of decisions. You want your guests to be able to enjoy their meals just as they enjoy their time at your wedding, right?

Are there any particular food preferences for your guests?

Guests can be extremely picky with food. You might want to consider serving appropriate meals to the meat lovers and vegetarians. In addition, guests with certain food allergies can allow a very difficult and stressful process of planning out a relevant menu, but it is something very important to consider.

Is it a la cart or all inclusive? Personally, inclusive offers are better!

All inclusive can be really amazing because the food and drinks are budgeted together. Talk to your venue to see what kind of offers they have with alcohol and what the bar budget is.