Top Five Myths About Hiring A Wedding Planner

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As wedding planners we know how stressful weddings can get and how important it is that the bride and groom enjoy this special day. Post the wedding, we have had many couples telling us how fabulous everything was or how much they enjoyed themselves and how they made the right decision by enlisting the help of a professional planner. But there are still a few skeptics who continue to have their doubts and remain disillusioned about the benefits of hiring a wedding planner. We have heard all sorts of excuses / reasons / myths that are associated with wedding planners and have put down the ones that make it to our top five list!


  1. I have a friend or someone in my family who can do this for me!

We have heard this so often and our advice is always – Don’t take the risk! You may think that your friend is good at something and using them will save you some money. But what you forget is that they are not professionals. Your friends and family members would also want to enjoy themselves rather than work on your wedding day and may not be able to deliver what you expect. Also asking them to adhere to certain rules or controlling them could be tricky and lead to awkward situations. Most importantly they may not be professionally equipped to multitask or handle situations, if something were to go wrong.

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  1. I can’t afford a wedding planner! Wedding planners are an unnecessary expense!

Contrary to popular belief, a wedding planner can save quite a lot of your time and money. An ideal planner is someone who can work within your wedding budget but still manage to deliver beyond your expectations. As they regularly interact with vendors, they can negotiate good deals, pass on discounts applicable to them and come up with alternate option if something doesn’t work for you. Not to mention the loads of time that you save in the bargain. Also many wedding planners today offer customized packages to suit any budget and requirements.

  1. The wedding planner will take control over my wedding and I will be left out of the planning process!

Every bride wants to enjoy the planning process and be a part of it rather than take a back seat. A planner will put together the resources required; give a range of vendor options and offer advice and suggestions but the final decision is always yours. You can decide how much you want to be involved and how much you want your planner to handle. Once the wedding planner understands your vision, they will work towards making it a reality.

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  1. Wedding planners are for big budget and celebrity weddings only! My wedding is very simple, I don’t think I need a planner!

Irrespective of big or small, every wedding requires some amount of planning and co-ordination. Your wedding is not the day to stress about how your guests will travel, whether the décor is ready or why your makeup artist has not arrived. Simply leave it to a professional and enjoy the most important day of your life.

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  1. Wedding planners handle the entire wedding but I need help only in certain areas!

The involvement of a wedding planner in your wedding depends entirely on you. Whether you want them to handle only certain aspects of your ceremony, a single function or the entire wedding. Most planners are very flexible and can work out packages based solely on your requirements.