Top five tips for Brides

  • Remember that it’s you and your man’s day. Do what makes you happy and plan what you’ve always dreamed. Don’t be pressured into extra this and that by well-meaning loved ones. It’s your day to shine and you should make it the day of your dreams.
  • Your budget doesn’t have to be huge. Today’s brides are embracing the DIY movement and aren’t scared to shake things up a bit. Don’t want the huge wedding cake? Opt for cute cupcakes instead-you could even make them yourself! Not into recording everyone’s preference for chicken or fish? Offer finger foods throughout the evening instead. Beyond the ease on you and your pocketbook, you get more variety!
  • For the day of it’s a good idea to have a small emergency wedding day kit on hand. Include clear nail polish for those stocking runs, a small sewing kit just in case, tissues (you’ll probably need them for those happy tears), breath mints, aspirin, and a powerbar-just in case you don’t make it to the buffet early enough.
  • A second pair of shoes for the reception is always a good idea. After the fabulous photos of you in your fancy heals are taken, and you’ve glided down the aisle for all to see, it’s time to get some comfort on those toes so you can dance the night away!
  • Most importantly: Relax. Have Fun. You only do this big day once and the planning and day of should be a joy. If something doesn’t go as planned, have a giggle and go to plan ‘b’. Don’t sweat the little things, after all this day is to celebrate your love for each other. Share the love!