Top Ten Wedding Food Trends for 2013


We’re continuing our 2013 wedding forecast with top wedding food trends for the upcoming year. Food plays an integral part on your special day and becomes an important part of your wedding day narrative for both you and your guests. With food, it’s not just what you eat, but also how and where. Though remember – you don’t need to blow your budget to wow your guests. Take a look below for some of 2013′s hottest wedding food trends. Top Ten Wedding Food Trends for 2013

1. Local and Fresh

Keeping food near and dear will be a huge trend in 2013. Menus sourced from local and fresh ingredients allow you and your guests to enjoy the scene. For instance, if you’re going for a dream Hawaiian destination wedding, serve up a local favorite like fresh shave ice.

2. Dessert Tables

A popular hit in 2012, dessert tables are here to stay in 2013. We love dessert tables because the options to get creative are endless – stick to your favorite colors, or pick an era like the 1980s and stock your table with nostalgic treats, or choose sweets representative of your heritage. There’s never a wrong way to stock a dessert table!

3. Food Trucks

Another hit from 2012, wedding food trucks are a super hit with guests and wedding party alike. Before hitting the after party, make sure you hit the food trucks first. Korean tacos, grilled cheese, or falafel sandwiches – treat your guests to something extra at the end of the night.

4. Key Menu Items

Rejected by mainstream diners in the past, 2013 will be a good year for kale, beet greens, chard, and mustard greens. Ask your caterer to serve up appetizing creations with these on-trend veggies.

5. Family-Style Servings

A new budget alternative to buffets, family style tables with large platters of food are a great way to have guests mingle at the table while having the comfort of sitting throughout the meal.

6. Homemade Desserts

If you’re having an intimate wedding with close friends and family, then this 2013 trend is perfect for you! Whether it’s crumbles, pies, or cupcakes, homemade fits in divinely with your cozy affair. Have friends or family collaborate to make delicious homemade treats.

7. Family Roots

Whatever your background, highlight it with your favorite foods from the old country. Ask your caterer to stay traditional or mix elements to create a fusion masterpiece.

8. Tales From the Bar

Forget cosmos and martinis – 2013 is the year of artisanal cocktails! From champagne to tequila bars, the key is the infusions used to concoct these drinks. Think fruits, fresh herbs, and dried spices.

9. Fruit-Flavored Sodas

Give your guests a break from typical fast-food sodas and go with a more colorful, unique option in fruity sodas. Try hibiscus, pomegranate, or lemongrass for variety.

10. Shot-Glass “Amuse-Bouches”

Food served in shot glasses is the latest trend to allow guests a satisfying quick bite before hitting the dance floor. If you’re planning a reception heavy on dance and good times, ask your caterer to create these fulfilling, amazing bites