Wedding dress nightmares aren’t rare

Wedding dress nightmares aren’t rare. They happen. And that’s probably why you already have a kit filled with pre-threaded needles, double-sided tapes, cotton swabs, small towels, baby powder, baby wipes, safety pins, a small bar of soap, and a pair of scissors as you brace yourself for what mishap may dawn upon your bridal gown on the big day. In case you spill red wine over your gown, end up with a stuck zipper, lose a few beads, or tear a small portion of your veil apart, with all these emergency tools, you are definitely ready to make quick fixes without lifting a finger. However, not all wedding gown disasters can be fixed with something found inside your emergency kit, and the best way you can deal with them is to think ahead and prevent them from ever happening.

wedding dress lace up Bridal Gown Horrors and How to Deal with Them

Can’t Wear the Dress

When you go to the shop, attendants will be there to help you around and make things easier for you. Not to mention, they are experts in knowing how to handle and pull the dress in the right places. But these attendants won’t be around by the time your dress gets delivered and on the wedding day itself. Before you realize that you have to call on to the attendant halfway around town to get you into your dress, assign somebody who will assist you. It could be your maid of honor, your mom, or anyone you like. This person should be with you when you pick your dress and should be aware of the ins and outs of it. Hands and nails must always be kept clean as your dress is handled. Also, whenever you have to go to the restroom during the wedding day, your chosen assistant should be there to accompany you. You wouldn’t want a dress-caught-in-the-pants moment, and believe it or not, it happens!

wedding dress doesnt fit Bridal Gown Horrors and How to Deal with Them

Dress is Emphasizing All the Wrong Places

Love at first sight on a dress is not enough reason to choose it. Sure, the dress looks pretty and is the perfect one you have been imagining your entire life, but if it doesn’t complement your assets, maybe it’s the wrong one. Be realistic. Know your body type and embrace it. Familiarize yourself with your greatest assets and allow your gown to accentuate them.

wedding dress fitting Bridal Gown Horrors and How to Deal with Them

Dress Does Not Fit

Many brides have set unworkable expectations of their wedding dress size. The dress may only end up too small or too large on the big day itself, and for that, the quickest option to fix it may even be too late. Don’t pick a dress too far advanced. Your weight and size can fluctuate, most especially when you are subject to a lot of pressure and stress as you prepare for every wedding detail. Before finally paying for your dress, make sure you get a clear contract on when you should expect it to arrive and give yourself a lose margin to allow time for alterations as necessary.

cant wear wedding dress Bridal Gown Horrors and How to Deal with Them

If dress is too tight:

Don’t buy a dress one size smaller then plan to lose weight thereafter. Pick the size you are in at that very moment. Be ready to indulge in a body wrap. Aside from the benefits of detoxification, relaxation, and skin tightening, a body wrap can help you get rid of inches in just 45 minutes to 1 hour. It should come in handy in case you need a quick fix for a tight dress a few days before the wedding.

If dress is loose:

In case you find out that you could still fit another person into your dress when you’re just days away, take note of how to reduce your dress size through drastic fixes without having to send the dress over to a seamstress for major alterations. This is something you should discuss with your shop attendant.

fitting your wedding dress Bridal Gown Horrors and How to Deal with Them

Dress is See-Through in Bright Sunlight

You’ve set up a garden wedding where your guests can feel the warmth from the promise of your vows as well as from their sun-kissed skin, but you never tried on your dress under the sunlight. And on the day itself you realize that your dress isn’t built for the bright outdoors as it exposes everything you’re wearing underneath it. Aside from picking the right size and knowing what to do in case your dress doesn’t fit, being responsible for knowing what undergarments are appropriate is equally important. Talk to your shop attendant about it. Try your dress in front of the mirror as well as under the broad daylight, and when you do so, use similar undergarments you would have for the big day. Plan ahead and chose wisely. Every bride dreams of a perfect wedding as much as every wedding dress dreams of the perfect bride to wear it.

see through wedding dress Bridal Gown Horrors and How to Deal with Them