Official wedding ticket

Wine Box and love letter Ceremony
I have my couples write love letters to each other and keep them private. A bottle of wine is especially chosen for this occasion – perhaps one that has meaning as in a time and place the couple met, became engaged, or fell in love. The wine, two glasses, and the love letters are sealed in a beautiful box. I instruct the couple to open the box on their fifth anniversary, drink the wine, and read the letters to each other. The box is refreshed with new letters and wine for the next time of rememberance.

Stephanie and Sam Peters took this idea and ran with it! Their box (and wedding ceremony) was travel themed. Sam and Stephanie traveled extensively throughout their courtship and collected momentoes along the way.

Upon entering, every guest was given a travel ticket. As we got started, I asked guests to write their best wishes and blessings for Sam and Stephanie as they begin this new journey together. Ushers collected the tickets and those were added to the box. Sam and Steph decorated the box with travel photos- memories for a lifetime.

It was such and horon to be a part of their wedding celebration. Thank you Sam and Stephanie!