Sometimes simpler is best when it comes to proposing– especially around the Christmas season. Forget the flash mobs and the crazy lights and do something sentimental, sweet and just all-round memory making. What better way to do it than with Jolly old, St. Nick himself? Whether you’re going to the mall or have your own Santa on standby, here are some simple ideas that could make your Christmas proposal extra special.

1. Mall Santa Wish List

While you guys are at the mall last-minute this Christmas eve, talk your sweetie into getting a picture taken on Santa’s lap with you. When he asks you what you want, say, “All I want for Christmas is you!” and pull out the ring. Extra bonus points go to this guy who actually trust the mall Santa to hold on to his ring for him. The photographer will snap the shot and it’ll be the PERFECT engagement announcement.

2. Salvation Army Santa Trickery

Get your local Salvation Army Santa in on it and when your kind-hearted lady goes to give her dollar to the jar, have him strike up a conversation with her and say that for her kindness, he wants all her Christmas wishes to come true. So, he gave her something extra special this year– CUE you getting down on one knee. She’ll turn around be surprised! She’ll never see it coming.

3. Be Santa Yourself

Chances are your lady has a Christmas party to attend that you either “can’t” go to or aren’t expected to be there. Make arrangements with the host of the party to come as Santa. Get a great costume that’ll definitely keep her from suspecting a thing. Be good natured and jolly as you hand out candy canes to all her coworkers. But when you get to her, give her a couple of “Ho ho hos!” and tell her she’s been especially good this year. Skip ahead to minute 1:40. After this Santa hands out gifts to the kiddies, he gives his lady an extra special present.


4. Santa at Her Door?

Get someone to dress as Santa give her a SPECIAL DELIVERY at her door. This could be either a clue to send her on a scavenger hunt to find you and the ring or something as simple as “Turn Around” to find you behind her already on your knee.


Photo Credit: Komo News