What a lovely fun couple. Mick and Nina flew to San Diegofrom the UK
to get married on the beach in Coronado.
Their plan was to make a splash and that they did! Nina wore a beautiful  beaded bodice designer gown and Mick a nice


We exchanged emails for several weeks prior and had a plan
to “wreck the dress” by running in the water ( it’s October, and the Pacific is
cold). Nina wore a cute bikini under her dress and the undressing in the ocean
drew quite  a crowd.


Immediately after I pronounced them husband and wife they
ran into the surf; my partner photographer, Brian
Bourguignon, running along side.
After splashing in the water with her full length gown, Nick unzipped her gown
revealing a beautiful bikini. By
this time a crowd gathered asking me if this was a real wedding and not a TV commercial.
We had so much fun watching and photographing them in the water…it was an
amazing way to celebrate.